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This site is dedicated to Marianne Faithfull, a woman who has been through a lifetime of love, loss, death, drug addiction, success, and failiure. She started out as the darling of London's 1960's swinging scene, with a top hit, a famous boyfriend, and extreme beauty and style. But when the sixties came crashing down so did Marianne as she subcumed to heroin addiction that left her living on the streets, with nowhere to turn. Luckily, she came out of her drug-induced haze, and has recently released a new album, and has started a new life.

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9.21.02: Hello! I'm happy to say that my father, on a trip to New York city on the week of the 11th, got to see Marianne Faithfull perform on a taping of The David Letterman show. He really didn't know who she was, until he saw one of her new gap ad's(look for the commercial with Taryn Manning, on the sides of buses, and on the wall in Gap stores). My mother told him I 'm a fan, and when he told me I was so excited! Anyways, he said she looked fantastic and sounded great. We have a new page, called "Friends Forever", which is about Marianne and Anita Pallenberg's friendship Also, there are two beautiful new pictures in the main photo gallery added. Expect a new page soon! Enjoy!