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August Updates:

9/7/02: Everyone please take a moment to remember Keith Moon on the 24th anniversary of his untimely death.  Thank you

8/30/02: Hello! Sorry I haven't updated, its been a bit crazy around my house! But expect updates 

8/23/02:  I've added a pic of me to "Let Me Introduce Myself", the only thing is that my hair is blond now!

8/22/02: Me again! I'm sorry to say that I have deleted the guestbook, due to some bad occurances. Thank you all who wrote kind things in it, and hopefully I can bring it back in a little while! Peace!

8/21/01: Bonjour! There is a new site up, for any poetry written about Brian. Feel free to send me any poetry or writing about Brian that you have! Also, there are a few new cliques, this time, from Monty Python! Have a great weekend!


8/20/02: Hello again! There is a new page up, called "Rex Features Photos", which contains some cute and rare photos of Brian that I got from Rex Features. Also, there is a poll at the end of the Updates column. Vote!

8/19/02: Hello. Check out the banner and link in the left column, its for my live journal. Also, a new picture of the week is up. Expect some groovy updates this week.

8/17/02: Hey! After all of my hard work, all of the pictures are restored! So enjoy! Also, The Marianne Faithfull Experience is up, so check it out at Thanks!



8/14/02: Ahh! I know that the pictures won't work and I have contacted Tripod to let them know. I am working on it, I promise! The Marianne Faithfull site is done, but none of the pictures will show up, so it will be published when I learn how to get the pictures to appear!


8/5/02: Hello Hello! Well I am on a roll! These updates were going to be up on saturday, but Tripod was being a jerk so they are up now. Check out "Nice Pants......" a photo page dedicated to Brian's love of tight pants. Also, there are alot of new fun quizzes I took in the "Banners/Cliques" page. Also, check out the new tribute page: "In Memorium: George Harrison" there are some rare pics, and some very cute ones. I am in the process of getting the pictures to show up again, it is not my fault so bare with me! Well thats it for now! Have a great night!


8/2/02: Happy August! Heres the lowdown: I've been getting some pretty nasty guestbook entries from Melissa Moore, and I just want to respond to them. It is pretty immature to attack me personally, considering I have done nothing wrong. But hey, you want to be a child, thats your problem, just don't expect me to do the same. So, for the fans of TBJE, heres whats new! Haven't been to the site in a while and want to see what has been updated? Well go to "Updates Archives" and all of the updates from previous months will now be stored there. As for the Dennis Wilson controversy, I do not believe in judging people by what they choose to do sexually, nor do I saint any rock star. The site will explore his inner torments, music, movie career, loves, and just how he was a nice guy. If you don't like him, then don't visit it! For Brian, the new page has been started, and will be up tomorrow. The Marianne Faithfull page has a new debut date! It is definite that it will debut on this Tuesday, August 5 sometime in the evening after I get out of work! So look for it! Okay, so remember, this world is so full of hate, we should all do our best to be nice to eachother! Peace and love, Nicole.

July Updates:
7/3/02: Happy July! Everyone please take a few moments to remember Brian, as this is the 33rd aniversary of his passing. Sorry about the delay for the John Entwistle and Marianne Faithfull pages, I've been quite busy. Tonight I'm going to see the Beach Boys, so that should be fun!
7/12/02: Oh my! Tripod had a bug, and I was unable to update this site! But I'm back now. There are two new pages up, one entitled "Witchy Woman", a page dedicated to Anita Pallenberg, and "Banners and Cliques" which contains banners from quizzes I took when I was bored out of my mind. I also revised the biography, as it wasn't very good. Happy Friday! I will have fun updates tonight, so check back! Also, if anyone cannot see the pictures displayed on this site, PLEASE let me know by email, and I will fix them!
7/16/02: AHHHH! Tripod accidently deleted my site! But its back up now, so spread teh word! I've put up a new "Picuture of The Week". I've been quite busy, but tomorrow since its going to rain, I'm going to put up a new page! What is it about you ask? You'll just have to wait and see! Pretty Please sign the guestbook, its lonely!
7/19/02: Hello! I've added some more fun quizzes to the Banners/Cliques page, so check them out! Tomorrow night is the debut of the new page on this site, and I'm almost complete with the Marianne Faithfull site. Have a good Saturday!
7/20/02: Well yes, technically it isn't Saturday, but its only 1am, so it still counts! As promised, there is a new page, that features books written about Brian. There is only one review, as I will not read any other of the books, having read very bad reviews. But I don't want to steal them from any other sites(awe, I'm such a good girl). So if you have read any of the books, including the one I reviewed, then please email it to me! Thanks!
7/31/02: Hello there! Seeing as some people(okay, just one, her name begins with an "M") have decided to be rude I will just lay it out here for everyone. I am a busy girl, with a life, a job, and my second year of college comming up. Also, I've been very sick with a virus of some sorts. So if your mad that I haven't updated in 10 days, then be a bit nicer to remind me! If you post anything mean in the guestbook, it will be promptly deleted! As *most* people who visit this site are busy with lives, I didn't expect visitors to get all mad at a 10 day absence of updates. I do not think my site is boring, as a particular person does. If you don't like this site, then just simply do not visit anymore! For those of you that are nice, there is going to be a great page on Brian's love of tight pants due this friday night, or saturday at the latest. So come back and check it out! Also, I've changed some header pics, and I'm working on why the rest of them aren't showing up. Also, check out the last page in the navigation bar, called "Comming Soon", if it isn't your bag, check it out when its here anyways, it will be worth the trip! Ciao!