The Brian Jones Experience
Clean Cut


Places to Go, People to See


Although Brian lost his innocence long before the Stones ever existed, he sure did look the part. Here is Brian's clean cut look  from 1962-1964.


Brian Circa 1964. Notice his hair is a bit longer!


Brian in 1964, with longer hair past his ears. Notice the suit and tie!


Brian in late 1963. So sweet, but looks can be decieving!


Looking so serious in his ultra conservative suit


Brian in 1962/1963, in a tie and leather vest, the Stones first(and only) uniform. This is a rare picture where you can actually see Brian's ears!

           As many have noticed, Brian's personal style changed drastically in a short period of time. He went from side parted, short hair and suits to neck-length blond locks, thick bangs, costume jewelery, and exotic Morrocan prints. There are a few reasons for this: One, when Andrew Loog Oldham got his hands on the Stones, he immediatly saw dollar signs. He knew what the public wanted, and that was anything and everything to do with the Beatles. He attempted to style the stones in little matching outfits, but soon members starting 'losing' bits and parts of it, eventually getting rid of the idea all together. They were now billed as scruffy and unclean, and their apperance certainly lived up to that image. Two, a band that dressed nicely was taken more seriously by the music industry, and the public. Three, Brian really had no money nor the inspiration to dress as crazily as he would later on. He was just simply young, living in the time just before London started swinging.
       But as the times changed, hippies came into full force and fashion was at its most creative. Brian began to express himself, with the help of fame, plenty of money, and an exotic girlfriend. He thus created a unique style totally different from the  plain, drab suits he once knew.