The Brian Jones Experience
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A collection of quotes about Brian, by those who knew him.

"I find that he did not receive a lot love or comprehension." George Harrison
"He radiated sunshine, but you could see that he had all the problems of the world on his shoulders. There was such an ugliness there as well as the beauty." Shirley Arnold, on Brian's troubles
"He seems never to have been able to find himself, he had a lost quality, not knowing what he wanted to do, or unable to express some part of himself. He was actually quite a nice person who didn't want people to think he was nice. He wanted to be known as an evil character, but he wasn't really, and the end result of it was he just had to be so off to everybody." Ian Stewart
"It was a really terrible thing they did to Brian. They had a lot of other options than to sack him as cruelly as that. That took away whatever last reserves Brian had. It was Mick being the Godfather." John Dunbar, on the Stones firing Brian.
"When Brian was off-stage it did seem to me as if he had difficulty coping with the real world. But it's something I myself had similar problems with later on. Brian also though seemed to have the additional problem of being slightly schizophrenic. But then who wouldn't be in that band. Having said that, Brian was still easily the star of the Rolling Stones." Ray Davies of the Kinks
"At first Brian was the most interesting Stone, but he changed over the years as he disintegrated. He ended up the kind of guy that you dread when he would come on the phone because you knew it was trouble. He was really in a lot of pain. In the early days he was all right because he was young and confident. He was one of them guys that disintegrated in front of you." John Lennon